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Explore the tricky bits of child development and parenting.

Learning goals

  • Build the confidence and ability to parent positively.
  • Use a fair and firm approach to parenting.
  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

Introduce the session

Introduce the Tākai booklet The Tricky Bits. It covers topics like tantrums, surviving the supermarket, sibling rivalry, hitting, biting and learning to use the toilet.

Ask the group if there’s one section they would like to start with, or just work your way through the topics in the booklet.

Start each topic with a question that leads to discussion, sharing ideas and reading the section. For example:


  • Why do kids have tantrums?
  • What happens when they’re having a tantrum?
  • What’s your advice for someone whose child is having a tantrum?
  • How can you help a child who’s having a tantrum?
  • How can you help their parent?
  • How do you feel when your child has a tantrum in a public place?

Surviving the supermarket

Whānau might see trips to the supermarket as a real drag. Just getting there and back with young kids can be challenging, let alone keeping the kids happy once you’re there. But kids might see it quite differently…


  • What is a large, bright, colourful and tempting supermarket like for a small child?
  • What might it feel like being strapped in a trolley when there are all those interesting things to see and touch?


Tākai The tricky bits booklet [PDF, 9.3 MB]

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