Listening to what children say they want parents to do.

Learning goals

  • Explore children's perspectives.
  • Build the confidence and ability to parent positively.

Discuss what children say

Choose one or more of the Tākai Children's voices videos and watch together.

  • Although the children may be older than your group’s children, there are some great messages in here for all of us.

Discuss as a group:

  • What did you like about the video?
  • What are the main messages the children tell us?

In pairs or small groups, discuss the questions below. Then, imagine you were making a film and asked children your child’s age the questions below. How would they respond? (Imagine that all kids can answer regardless of their age.)

  • How should your parents talk to you?
  • How can they help you to behave well?
  • How can they reward you?
  • How can they help you when you’re upset?
  • How do you know your parents love you?

Afterwards, ask the participants:

  • What have you learned?
  • Can you think of new or different things you can do to help your child?

Workshop materials

  • Something to play the video on


Children’s voices – What matters to kids? | YouTube(external link) (2015)

Children’s voices (external link)| YouTube(external link) (2008)

Pacific children’s voices (external link)| YouTube(external link)