Understanding the behaviour of babies.

Learning goals

  • Build the confidence and ability to parent positively.
  • Use a firm and fair approach to parenting.
  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

Consider the idea of 'naughty'

Ask the group, "What are some of the words people use to describe babies?" Make a list or draw a picture of a baby and write the words around it.

Ask the participants to consider the statement ‘No baby is naughty’.

  • Do you agree?
  • Why do some people think babies are naughty?
  • What do you think is really happening?

With families where it’s suitable, look at the Tākai booklet Aroha in action, at the page ‘Pēpi
can’t be naughty’. It reminds us that we don’t always enjoy what our babies do, but it’s often just part of their normal developmental behaviour.