Te Whatu Ora website – Pregnancy and children

The Pregnancy and children page on Te Whatu Ora Health Information and Services website is a reliable source of information and advice.

The Pregnancy and children webpage on Te Whatu Ora has a wealth of information for expectant parents.

Pregnancy and children | Te Whatu Ora(external link)

It’s a good place to learn more about particular aspects of pregnancy and the baby’s development. You can share this information with the families you support.

The webpage contains information on the following topics:

  • Finding out you are pregnant
    • Early signs of pregnancy
    • Pregnancy tests
  • Pregnancy and immunisations
    • Immunisations you need if you are planning a pregnancy
    • Immunisations you need while you are pregnant
    • Vaccinations for māma and whānau after your pēpi is born
  • Pregnancy and newborn screening
    • Blood tests
    • Diabetes testing
    • HIV testing
  • Helpful advice during pregnancy
    • Maternity care
    • Common issues during pregnancy
    • Morning sickness
    • Body changes
    • Eating safely and well
    • Getting ready to breastfeed
    • Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs
    • Twins, triplets or more
    • Antenatal classes
    • Miscarriage
  • The first 6 weeks of your pēpi
    • Midwife visits for the first 6 weeks
    • The first week after birth
    • Problems in the week after the birth
  • The first year with your pēpi
    • Looking after yourself
    • Postnatal depression
    • Sex after having a pēpi (baby)
  • Breastfeeding by people with HIV infection