Why do it?

  • When a pregnant woman feels stressed, stress hormones are released in her body.
  • The hormones pass through her blood to the developing baby.
  • Stress hormones affect baby’s developing brain.
  • This can have a long-lasting impact on baby’s wellbeing after birth.

How to do it

  • Notice your stress levels — stress can affect both parents.
  • Explore ways to reduce stress that work for each of you.
  • Getting physical helps. Try:
    • swimming
    • dancing
    • yoga
    • mowing lawns
    • gardening
    • shooting hoops.
  • Soothe yourself by:
    • having a warm bath
    • reading
    • listening to music.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
To sing/song
Haukurutia Jam (basketball)
Wai mahana Warm water
To garden
To soothe