During pregnancy, much is shared between māmā and the growing child. Increased stress can mean elevated hormone levels (such as cortisol), negatively affecting the brain of pēpi. Managing your wellbeing will have positive outcomes for pēpi.

Why do it?

  • When a pregnant woman feels stressed, stress hormones are released in her body.
  • The hormones pass through her blood to the developing baby.
  • Stress hormones affect baby’s developing brain.
  • This can have a long-lasting impact on baby’s wellbeing after birth.

How to do it

  • Notice your stress levels — stress can affect both parents.
  • Explore ways to reduce stress that work for each of you.
  • Getting physical helps. Try:
    • swimming
    • dancing
    • yoga
    • mowing lawns
    • gardening
    • shooting hoops.
  • Soothe yourself by:
    • having a warm bath
    • reading
    • listening to music.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
To sing/song
Haukurutia Jam (basketball)
Wai mahana Warm water
To garden
To soothe