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The Ministry of Health Pregnancy webpage is a reliable source of information and advice.

The Ministry of Health’s pregnancy webpage has a wealth of information. It’s written for expectant parents and includes video clips.

Pregnancy – Information and advice for mums and dads to be | Ministry of Health(external link)

It’s a good place to learn more about particular aspects of pregnancy and the baby’s development. You can share this information with the families you support.

The webpage starts with a short video introducing some young expectant couples. It’s followed by information on the following topics:

  • Helpful advice during pregnancy
    • Morning sickness
    • Eating safely and well
    • Folic acid, iodine and vitamin D
    • Being active during pregnancy
    • Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs
    • Common complaints in pregnancy
    • Advice for dads
    • Danger signs during pregnancy
    • Pregnancy and your job
    • Pregnancy and travel
    • Sex during pregnancy
    • Twins, triplets or more
    • Getting ready for baby
    • Breastfeeding: preparing during pregnancy
  • Weeks 0 to 14
    • Your developing baby: weeks 0–14
    • Screening tests and scans: weeks 0–14
  • Weeks 14 to 30
    • Your developing baby: weeks 14–30
    • Screening tests and scans: weeks 14–30
  • Week 30 onwards
    • Your developing baby: week 30 onwards
    • Screening and other tests and scans: week 30 onwards