Whakatipu – Ngā taonga tākaro

Explore play and learning at different ages and stages.

Learning goal

  • Understand how children play, and what they learn, at different ages and stages.

Discuss ngā taonga tākaro

Working in pairs, have participants choose the Tākai Whakatipu booklet and chapter that best matches the age and stage of their pēpi.

Ask them to read the ‘Ngā taonga tākaro section and talk to each other about the activity in it.

  • Would pēpi like this?
  • Is pēpi ready for this?
  • What else could we do together with pēpi that we’d both enjoy?
  • What would pēpi be learning through this?
  • Is there a clue about that learning somewhere else in the booklet?

Ask participants to choose another ‘Ngā taonga tākaro’ section from a different Whakatipu booklet.

  • If it’s an earlier booklet, do they remember pēpi doing this?
  • If it’s a later booklet, discuss how it might be when their pēpi is that age.