Understanding how play help babies to learn and develop.

Learning goals

  • Understand how children grow and develop.
  • Understand how play helps children to learn

Discuss how play helps babies learn

Discuss how play helps pēpi develop in different ways including:

  • emotional development
  • physical development
  • learning and brain development
  • talking and reading
  • social learning.

Working in pairs, look at some pictures of play – either children on their own or with an adult.

Discuss what’s happening and what the child is experiencing and learning.

Example questions and answers:

  • What is baby learning?
    • holding myself to balance (physical)
    • mirroring each other (social)
    • squealing, testing my sound system (talking)
  • What feelings do you think pēpi is experiencing?
    • my parents loves me (emotional)
    • we're having fun (social, emotional).

Workshop materials

  • A collection of Tākai or other resources with photos of play.