Discussing how pēpi communicate, and responding to their cues.

Learning goals

  • Recognise what babies are trying to communicate to us.
  • Respond positively.

Discussing how pēpi communicates

Together with the participants, read Tākai Whakatipu booklet Te Pihinga 1, page 8, ‘Whānau say’, and discuss as a group.

  • How do we find out what pēpi needs and wants?
  • What relaxes pēpi?
  • What upsets pēpi?
  • How does pēpi like to be held or fed?
  • How does pēpi go to sleep?
  • How might pēpi know what we’re feeling?
  • How do we respond to what pēpi needs?
  • Read the other ‘Whānau say’ sections in the booklet. What are these sections telling us?