How to understand what baby is trying to communicate.

Learning goals

  • Recognise what babies are trying to communicate to us.
  • Be able to respond positively.

Discuss ways babies communicate

Together with the participants, read Tākai , Te Pihinga booklet 1, page 6, ‘Pēpi says’.

  • What would your babies say if they could talk, like our Whakatipu pēpi does?
  • Do you recognise the messages?
  • What happens when pēpi is not settled?
  • How do they tell you things are not OK?
  • What about when pēpi is happy and settled – how do they tell you everything’s alright?

Now read Te Pihinga booklet 1, pages 24 and 25, ‘Pēpi says’ together. At 4 to 6 months, pēpi has better body control, but adults still need to be pretty clever to understand what pēpi is telling us.

  • What might pēpi do to get attention?
  • How does pēpi show they enjoy interacting with their whānau?