He kete haerenga mō waho

Take time to explore the outdoors with these tiny, but super meaningful and fun adventures! They're all designed to celebrate Māori language and encourage us to spend time in nature.

Tūhuratia a waho

Take time to explore outside. Why? Because getting out into nature can improve our mood and help us appreciate the simple things that give us joy.

As well as this, our culture and history deepen our sense of belonging and connectedness.

So bring on the feel goods with some outside adventures, any time of the year!

Tūhuratia te reo Māori – Take a moment to discover te reo Māori.

Tūhuratia te Taiao – Take a moment to discover the environment.

Printable activity cards

Created together with Department of Conservation and Sparklers – these activity cards with 9 fun outside adventures can be printed and shared with whānau. They're designed to be printed double sided on A4 paper. 

Helpful resources for whānau