Listen and copy patterns heard outside for a fun and relaxing way to spend time together.

Why do it?

  • Being able to listen is a very important skill that supports learning and strengthens relationships.
  • Listening games are a fun way to develop listening skills.

Noticing and creating different kinds of patterns is important so that tamariki can:

  • strengthen their observation skills
  • learn that the world is full of patterns, which helps them to understand more about their world
  • increase their awareness of the variety of patterns there are — some which are seen (visual patterns), and some which are heard (auditory patterns)
a girl with some birds
a girl with some birds

How to do it

Anei he kemu hei takaro ki waho:
Here’s an outside game to play:

  1. Haere ki waho, ka noho wehewehe, ki tētahi wāhi e pai ana.
    Head outside and sit separately, somewhere comfy.
  2. Katia ō karu, ka whakarongo i ngā oro e takahuri ana i a koe.
    Close your eyes and listen carefully to everything around you.
  3. Me tāpiri, me kape rānei i aua oro, kāre e rangona e te tangata!
    Try to add or copy a noise to the outdoor sounds that nobody notices!
  4. Ki te mau koe, whakamātauhia he oro anō.
    If you get caught, try again with another noise.

He mahi anō: Me mahi ā-rōpū ki te waihanga anō i ngā āhua o waho, i a koe i roto i te whare. Hei tauira, mahi tahi ki te waihanga i ngā oro o te moana, o te ngahere rānei.

Extra: Work as a team to recreate the outdoors, even when you’re inside. E.g. work together to create the sound of the beach or bush.

Using more te reo Māori

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