Connect with the whenua by taking our shoes off, wiggle your toes and feel the earth under your waewae!

Why do it?

  • Jumping activities help a child build confidence, improve co-ordination and strengthen large muscle skills.
  • It’s an opportunity to practise jumping and stepping and maybe even a little leaping.
  • The child can help design the path of steps. This lets them take the lead, promoting their problem-solving skills and self-expression.
  • Activities like this contribute to a child’s overall health and well-being.

How to do it

Me whai i: Ō waewae!

You’ll need: Your waewae!

  1. Haere ki waho.
    Head outside.
  2. Tangohia ō hū me ō tōkena.
    Take off your shoes and socks.
  3. Ka rongo i te otaota, i ngā kōhatu, i te kirikiri me te oneone me ō waewae.
    Feel the grass, stones, sand and dirt beneath your waewae.
  4. Me tango i ō hū, ka oma, ka peke, ka kori, ka tākaro hoki.
    Run, skip, dance and play with bare waewae.

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