Connect with the whenua (land) by taking shoes off, wiggling toes and feeling the earth under your waewae (feet). This activity is an opportunity to practise jumping, stepping and leaping, improving coordination and strengthening muscles.

Why do it?

  • Jumping activities help a child build confidence, improve coordination and strengthen large muscle skills.
  • It’s an opportunity to practise jumping and stepping and maybe even a little leaping.
  • The child can help design the path of steps. This lets them take the lead, promoting their problem-solving skills and self-expression.
  • Activities like this contribute to a child’s overall health and wellbeing.
Walking on the grass barefooted
Walking on the grass barefooted

How to do it

Me whai i: Ō waewae!

You’ll need: Your waewae!

  1. Haere ki waho.
    Head outside.
  2. Tangohia ō hū me ō tōkena.
    Take off your shoes and socks.
  3. Ka rongo i te otaota, i ngā kōhatu, i te kirikiri me te oneone me ō waewae.
    Feel the grass, stones, sand and dirt beneath your waewae.
  4. Me tango i ō hū, ka oma, ka peke, ka kori, ka tākaro hoki.
    Run, skip, dance and play with bare waewae.

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