Learning with whānau about everyday chores and activities is how tamariki learn about the world. From routines at home, tamariki learn care and responsibility as well as critical skills like problem-solving and cooperation in fun, purposeful ways.

Why do it?

  • Home is the first learning place and the whānau are the first teachers a child has.
  • A young child doesn’t always need special learning activities. Simple everyday household activities and routines can provide learning experiences in a familiar environment.
  • Having someone who loves them caring and nurturing them is exactly what they need, as it gives them a sense of belonging.
  • By learning what adults do, children learn these skills too.
  • Involvement in family activities is the beginning of creativity and imaginative play.
  • It provides opportunities for language, maths and social learning.

How to do it

  • Ask your child to pass pegs to you when hanging up washing,  ‘Two green pegs please’.
  • Match socks while sorting the clean washing.
  • Water the garden using a hose, or a bucket with plastic cups.
  • Wash the car.
  • Put some of the shopping away.
  • Read the junk mail and write a shopping list together.
  • Put away toys together. ‘I’ll pick up the blue things and put them away. What colour would you like to pick up? Then you can choose a story for us.’
  • Wash vegetables for a meal (standing at the sink on a chair).
  • Help set the table for the family meal.
  • Help with sweeping — with their own small broom or a brush and shovel.
  • Write letters and post them.
  • Make birthday and Christmas cards.
  • Help with cooking and baking.

Using more te reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Kia ngāwari Be gentle
Enjoyable, fun
Me horoi tāua ngā pereti Let's do the dishes
Māku koe e āwhina I will help you
He tino pai tō mahi Well done
Me haere tāua ki te tiro atu Let's you and me go and look at...
Cooking food
Ehuehungia te māra Water the garden
Horoia te motukā Wash the car
Homai e rua ngā mātiti kākāriki Give me two green pegs
Whakawetohia te ngongo wai Turn off the hose
Whakatikahia tō rūma Tidy up your room
Kino kē koe e te tau! You're awesome my darling!
Me haere tāua ki te tikina ngā reta Let's you and I go and collect the mail
Rārangi kai Groceries
Huakina te pouaka Open the box
He aha kei roto i te pēke? What is inside the bag?
Whakahokia ngā riki Put the onions away
Purua ngā rīwai ki roto i te kōhua Put the potatoes in the pot
He kai māu? Do you want something to eat?
Kua reri te kai The food is ready
Homai tō pereti Give me your plate
Tino reka tēnei kai This kai is delicious
He inu māu? Would you like a drink?
He aha tō hiahia? What would you like?
He inu miraka wai māori rānei? Milk or water?
Whiua ki te ipupara Throw it in the rubbish bin
Horoia ō ringaringa Wash your hands
He rawe tō āwhina mai You're a great helper