The Labour and birth page on Te Whatu Ora Health Information and Services website is a reliable source of information and advice.

The Labour and birth webpage on Te Whatu Ora gives in-depth information from a health perspective.

Labour and birth | Te Whatu Ora(external link)

It includes introductory information about:

  • Going into labour
    • the signs of labour
    • First stage of labour
    • Second stage of labour
    • Third stage of labour
  • If labour does not go as planned
    • Inducing labour
    • Pain relief
    • When you need help with the birth
    • Caesarean section

It also includes helpful advice for the birth and afterwards:

  • Who to have with you during the birth
  • Maternity care during and after birth
  • Advice for the other parent
  • Where to give birth
  • Normal changes to your body after birth