The 'Stay and play' video has lots of useful information about play. It can be viewed in smaller clips that cover topics like safety and language.

The Stay and play video(external link) has a wealth of information about the importance of play. In the video, Kahukura is 20 months old, so these clips are particularly relevant to this stage of development.

You may like to use it over a number of visits. Try one clip and see how it goes.

Arrange ahead of time to be able to show the video during the visit, and be familiar with it beforehand. It stresses the importance of keeping activities simple and demonstrates the respectful, responsive types of relationships that encourage the development of strong connections in the brain.

Stay and play (transcript)

‘Stay and play’ consists of the following clips:

  • Introduction
  • Posting activities – a good clip about the 5 senses
  • Posting activities 2
  • Stages of play
  • Safety
  • Natural resources
  • Fun with balls
  • Never shake a baby
  • Learn through play
  • Play and language
  • Learn through song and waiata.

Conversation ideas

Choose which topics you want to use. Play one clip at a time and talk about it. Ask:

What did you notice?
What did you already know?
What have you already done with your child?
What new information and ideas have you learned?
What would your child enjoy?
What new things will you try?

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