Tākai resources you can use with whānau to explore singing with their child.

Singing is a wonderful opportunity to share time, attention and whānau culture with a child, and to give them a rich, multi-sensory experience that they’ll enjoy.

The Whakatipu booklet Te Pihinga 3 reminds us of the value in sharing waiata with pēpi (page 13). They love to hear familiar songs over and over again and don't even care if you’re in tune or not!

Some places in Te Pihinga 3 to explore with whānau are:

  • Pages 13 and 31 – Waiata kōhungahunga
  • Page 23 – ‘Pēpi says: I love my waiata, especially ones with actions.’
  • Page 26 – Ngā mahi a te rēhia (games)
  • Page 27 – Kapa haka
  • Pages 28 and 29 – Haka time

The Thinking about Parenting booklet, page 9, reminds us how structure and routines can provide a sense of security for children: "I think because we’d sung Moe Moe Pēpi to Ella every time we put her to bed, it became a little sign to her that meant sleep time now…"

Conversation ideas

How does your child respond to singing?
What works best for getting them to join in?
Where do you the songs you enjoy come from?
Do you have any ideas where you might learn some new songs?
How about action songs?
What else would you like to talk about?
What more would you like to find out about?

Helpful resources for whānau