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Why do it?

Why do it? — He aha e mahi ai?

Making a scrapbook about things they’ve achieved helps tamariki to:

  • celebrate the things they’ve learned to do
  • feel special by having a personalised book just for them
  • practise using some ‘book behaviours’ in an enjoyable way:
    • finding the front of a book
    • starting on the left and reading to the right
    • going down to the next line.

How to do it

How to do it — Te tikanga mō tēnei mahi

  • You’ll need paper, a stapler, a glue stick and some pictures of things your tamaiti can do. They could include pictures from magazines, photographs and drawings by you or them.
  • Decide on the number of pages the book will have, divide the number by 2, fold the paper in half and staple the pages together. Eight to ten pages is plenty.
  • Talk about things your tamaiti can do and decide together what the pages will ‘say’ — for instance: I can ride my bike, I can climb at the playground, I can dress myself, I can draw with chalk, I can wash the car.
  • Draw or cut out and stick the images in the book, one per page.
  • Write the captions in the language your family speaks. Keep the format the same on each page.
  • Share the book together and with other whānau members.


Other ideas — Ētahi atu whakaaro

  • Make other books with your tamaiti using a similar repeating format — for example, ‘At the moana I saw...’, ‘At the supermarket I saw...’ , ‘At the marae I saw...’

Using more reo Māori

I can...

Ka taea e au ki te...

Ride a bike

Haere paihikara

Ride a horse

Haere hoiho

Climb a tree

Piki rākau

Put my clothes on

Whakamaua āku kākahu

Draw with chalk

Tāia i te tioka

Wash the car

Horoia te motokā

Help with the washing

Āwhina i te kākahu horoi

Make a book

Hangaia he pukapuka