Have fun while reading with your toddler

Why do it?

  • Small children find animals, and the noises animals make, interesting.
  • Sharing a book about animals can be an interactive game when whānau make the animal noises for the toddler.
  • Having fun when book sharing will help a toddler have a positive attitude towards books and reading.

How to do it

You'll need an animal book .

  • Rent one from the library or get crafty and make your own paper or an old notebook. 
  • Make sure any staples are well taped over to avoid any sharp ends piercing skin. 
  • Cut animal pictures from old magazines or draw them yourself.
  • When sharing the animal book with a toddler, make the noises each animal makes.
  • After plenty of repetitions, see if the toddler can make the animal sounds. However, don’t make it a test if they’re unsure — just answer the question yourself.
  • Keep the activity playful and fun.

Using more te reo Māori

Ngā kararehe Animals
Pukapuka Book
Ngēru Cat
Kurī Dog
Kau Cow
Poaka Pig
Manu Bird
Hoiho Horse
Kiore Mouse
Karoro Seagull
Tuatara Tuatara
Taika Tiger
Raiona Lion
Tuahuru Hair, shaggy
E rua ngā waewae Two legs
E whā ngā waewae Four legs
Tūpeketia To jump or leap
He aha te tangi o tēnei kararehe? What noise does this animal make?
Whakatau Bark like a dog
Koekoe Squeak or squawk like a bird or animal
He aha tāna kai o tēnei kararehe? What does this animal eat?
He hai ki a koe ki te pānui pukapuka? Do you like to read books?