The Birth and afterwards page on the Ministry of Health website is a reliable source of health-related information about giving birth.

Some of the topics listed on the Ministry of Health’s ‘Birth and afterwards’ webpage are also mentioned in the Whakatipu booklet 'Te Kākano'. The Birth and afterwards webpage gives in-depth information from a health perspective.

Birth and afterwards | Ministry of Health(external link)

It includes introductory information about:

  • Going into labour – the signs of labour
  • Danger signs during pregnancy
  • First stage of labour
  • Second stage of labour
  • Third stage of labour
  • Inducing labour, pain relief, and help during birth
  • Starting breastfeeding – the first feeds

It also includes helpful advice for the birth and afterwards:

  • Getting ready for baby
    • Who to have with you during the birth
    • Advice for the other parent
  • Looking after yourself
    • Pelvic floor muscle exercises
    • Postnatal depression
    • Sex after having a baby
  • Coping with a crying baby
    • How to help a crying baby
    • Crying can mean your baby is unwell
    • Colic
    • When your baby keeps on crying
    • Never shake a baby