Talking about issues during pregnancy helps the whānau deal with any stresses.

Pregnancy is a time of many changes – not only physically, but also emotionally.

  • Sometimes these changes cause parents additional stress.
  • Things that make mum feel stressed can affect her unborn baby too.

Talking about it can help

  • Helping whānau identify what’s worrying them can help them find short- and long-term solutions.
  • If both parents are present, it’s a great chance for them to talk about any stressful or worrying issues so they can work through them together.
  • If dad’s not involved, ask mum who her supporters are and who she can talk to when she has concerns.
  • Find a way to start a conversation about stress levels in the whānau.
  • Use coloured pens and paper for a brainstorm session to record what’s stressing them the most.
  • Remember to gather all ideas before looking at the possible solutions.

Helpful resources for whānau