Why do it?

It’s an opportunity for parents and whānau to:

  • start a collection of treasures for their baby — this is about starting to build a positive relationship
  • create something beautiful and meaningful that can be shared with baby when they’re older
  • think about what they want to give baby and what they wish for baby.

How to do it

  • Find a suitable container with a lid — maybe a shoe box or empty tin.
  • Gather stationery supplies:
    • scissors
    • sticky tape
    • glue
    • coloured paper
    • pens and pencils.
  • Collect a range of resources to decorate the container with:
    • stickers
    • felt pens
    • shells or other natural materials.
  • If you’re using natural materials, you might also need a hot glue gun.

Using more reo Māori

Waka huia Treasure box
Waiwaiā Beautiful
Mahara Think about/consider
Wawata Aspiration/dream
Whai tikanga Meaningful/important
Mahia To make
Pouaka Box
Ipu Container
Ngā kutikuti Scissors
Ngā pene Pens
Whakarapa To stick or glue
Kohikohi Collect/gather together
Rauemi Resource/material
Ngā anga Shells
Ngā rau Leaves