Gather memories – gifts, photos and taonga – to create a treasure box filled with meaningful items. When pēpi is older share the story of each treasure, and whānau relationships and connections will be strengthened.

Why do it?

It’s an opportunity for parents and whānau to:

  • start a collection of treasures for their baby — this is about starting to build a positive relationship
  • create something beautiful and meaningful that can be shared with baby when they’re older
  • think about what they want to give baby and what they wish for baby.

How to do it

  • Find a suitable container with a lid — maybe a shoe box or empty tin.
  • Gather stationery supplies:
    • scissors
    • sticky tape
    • glue
    • coloured paper
    • pens and pencils.
  • Collect a range of resources to decorate the container with:
    • stickers
    • felt pens
    • shells or other natural materials.
  • If you’re using natural materials, you might also need a hot glue gun.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Treasure box
Think about, consider
Ngā kutikuti Scissors
Ngā pene Pens
To stick or glue
Collect, gather together
Ngā rau Leaves