Why do it?

Painting with water is outdoor messy play without any hassles.

It’s a refreshing activity for hot weather.

It’s also an opportunity to notice and talk about what happens to the water (it disappears as it evaporates).

It can be a soothing activity for both a frazzled toddler and their parents.

How to do it

You need water in a container, preferably one with a handle so it can be easily carried, and a brush (art brush or little paint brush) or a small sponge works too.

If you need to, show your child how to paint with water and notice how the appearance of some things changes when wet.

It’s OK to paint the path, fence, house and toys — it’s only water!

Using more te reo Māori

Taiapa Fence
Ara Path
Whare House
Pēita Painting
Wai Water
Paraihe Brush
Hautai Sponge
Pākete Bucket
Paepae Container
Tōmiti To evaporate, dry up
Māku Wet
Raumaroke To be dry
Tāora Towel
Patapata Drip
Riringi Pour
Uwhiuwhi Sprinkle, spray
Pātai Question
He aha kei roto i te pākete? What's in the bucket?
Pōrutu Splashing
Nōku te wā My turn
Nōu te wā Your turn
Me mātakitia Have a look
He makariri tēnei wai This water is cold