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Why do it?

  • Massaging mum’s belly is relaxing for her and the unborn baby. Managing stress is very important for mum and for baby.
  • Baby’s sense of touch is the first sense to develop. Baby feels it when mum strokes her puku. Massaging mum’s puku is a way of communicating with baby before birth.
  • Massage is a way of responding to baby’s movements in the womb.

How to do it

  • Massage can be done with or without massage oil.
  • Mum can rub her puku through her clothes.
  • When baby moves, mum or dad can gently rub the place where baby is moving — you’re responding to baby. Baby may then respond to you. You’re playing together.

Using more reo Māori

Puku Belly
Mirimiri Massage
Pārohetanga Relaxation
Ahotea Stress
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Te whare tangata Womb
Hūmarīre Gentle
Kōrero Talk, communicate
Rongo whakapā Sense of touch
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Kia māriri tō tānga Press lightly