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Simple household activities provide a rich learning experiences for babies. It helps develop important skills for social interaction and problem-solving. Doing this creates a nurturing environment that supports their development and wellbeing.

Why do it?

  • Home is the first learning place and the whānau the first teachers a child has.
  • A young baby doesn’t need special learning activities. The simple everyday household activities and routines can provide learning experiences in a familiar environment.
  • Having someone who loves them caring and nurturing them is exactly what they need.

How to do it

Here are some ‘around the house’ activity ideas:

  • Do things with baby rather than to them. Tell them what you’re doing and ask if they can help you — for example,  ‘Lift up for me, please my darling, while I clean your bottom’. One day they’ll surprise you by cooperating with you over this.
  • Carry baby with you when you do chores round the house — use a sling, front pack or waha, so they’re warm and close. Sometimes people call this early period ‘the fourth trimester’. Baby is likely to be soothed by a womb-like environment and close contact with you.
  • Have tummy-to-tummy time — you can talk to baby and stroke them.
  • Go outside with baby — they can lie in the pram under trees and watch the leaves. You can go walking with them to have some exercise and fresh air.
  • Practise full attention when caring for baby. Try to put everything else out of your mind while you feed, comfort, wash and dress baby. Put the phone away for 10 minutes. During these times, you’re filling up baby’s emotional tank.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Kia ora pēpi Hello baby
Ko wai taku pēpi ataahua? Who’s my beautiful baby?
He aha tēnā haunga? What’s that smell?
Kua tikona e koe tō kope You filled your nappy
Kei hea ngā muku hei horoi i tō kumu?
Where are the wet wipes to clean your bum?
Me whakamau he kōpe mā Let’s put on a clean nappy
Kua maroke pai koe ināianei You’re all dry now
Titiro mai Look here
He aha tēnei? What is this?
He aha tēnā I te taha ia koe? What’s that by you?
He aha tērā? What's that? (over there)
Titiro ki ngā pukapuka Look at the books
Hurihia te whārangi Turn the page
Titiro ki ngā kararehe Look at the animals
Me haere tāua ki waho? Shall we go outside?
Kuhuna tō pōtae Put on your hat
Whakawetohia te rama Turn off the light
Huakina te kūaha Open the door
Titiro ki tērā rākau nunui Look at that big tree over there