Involvement in family activities is the beginning of creativity and imaginative play.

Why do it?

  • It gives tamariki a sense of belonging.
  • It builds skills they can learn and start to learn what adults do.

How to do it

  • Make it easy and fun.
  • Let children do it their way.
  • Help them to make choices.

Small children can:

  • stir things while you hold the bowl
  • stand by you at the bench to cut vegetables or dry dishes
  • put spoons and other things on the table
  • help gather vegetables
  • fetch a nappy or powder for baby
  • take a message to someone else in the house
  • push the light switch or television button on or off
  • find the other shoe
  • go outside with you for the mail and carry it in
  • pass you the pegs when you’re hanging out washing
  • help with the dusting
  • put things in the rubbish bin.