You can still enjoy quality time with tamariki, even on a windy day. Fly a manu tukutuku (kite) or watch ribbons ripple in the wind. Playing like this can help practise and strengthen motor skills including balance, fitness, and coordination.

Why do it?

  • Vigorous play helps young children to release energy and relieve frustration, especially when they’re outside.
  • It’s an opportunity to practise and strengthen motor skills including balance, fitness and coordination.
  • It’s something to enjoy outside in the fresh air.
  • You can be close to nature and observe and talk about the natural world.
a kite
a kite

How to do it

You’ll need: A manu tukutuku (kite) if you have one, ribbons, crepe paper or strips of newspaper and a windy day.

  1. Grab your kite, or cut ribbons or strips of paper.
  2. Head outside to your garden or local park.
  3. Fly your kite or hold the ribbons and paper so they ripple and float on the wind.

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