Connecting with nature to have fun is a great activity to do with tamariki. One simple activity is connecting to the rain by trying to recreate the sound it makes with simple materials from around the whare.

Why do it?

  • Have some active play when the weather restricts play outdoors
  • Use their large muscles
  • Develop their hand and eye coordination
  • Enjoy a fun activity using everyday materials
  • Copy and create a pattern using their body.

How to do it

You’ll need: A bucket or pot.

  1. Find a bucket or pot.
  2. Drum your fingers lightly to make the light sound of rain.
  3. Try tapping harder to make heavier rain, then back to light rain again.

Extra: On a rainy day or night lie quietly and listen to the rain on the roof. Or try making the sound of rain by tapping your fingers in your bath water.

Using more te reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
To drum
Heavy rain