Going out for activities helps tamariki understand more about the world.

Why do it?

  • Going out helps children get to know about the world beyond home.
  • It helps children find out about different animals.
  • It helps them feel part of the community.
  • It develops new language and give us new things to kōrero about.
a duck
a duck

How to do it

You’ll need: Oats (uncooked), rice (any type, cooked or uncooked), veggie trimmings (chopped up) and some hungry local ducks!

  1. Find a river or pond nearby that you could walk to.
  2. When you arrive, find some ducks and share out your food.
  3. Try to get some to the ducks who are missing out!

Extra: See how far you can throw the food. Or throw them all in- a kai scramble!

Using more te reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
E kai To eat