Why do it?

  • This game exercises baby’s curiosity and fine motor skills, while strengthening the concept of ‘object permanence’.
  • It’s also a time when whānau and baby can share attention, it’s fun — and might be practice for unwrapping first birthday presents!

How to do it

  • Gather some paper or cloths for wrapping.
  • Find some items to wrap.
  • Let baby watch as you loosely wrap the object.
  • Give the parcel to baby and invite them to unwrap it.
  • They may need some help or encouraging words to get started. “Ooo what have you got there?”
  • Repeat the game with different wrappings and different objects.
  • Give baby a clap when they succeed.

Using more te reo Māori

Pārekareka Enjoyable, fun
Māhirahira Curious
Rapu(hia) Find, discover
Whakaoti rapanga Problem solving
Kite(a) Hunt, investigate
Arohia Paying attention to, interested in
Tapanga Naming, label
Tauparaparahia To play together
Pūheratia To parcel up
Rurukutia Wrap
Pepa Paper
Hurahia Uncover
Papanga Material, fabric
Kimihia Look for
Whakahahakitia Point out, draw attention to
He aha tēnā? What's that? (near you)
He aha ki roto? What's in there?
Pakipaki Clapping
Whāngai kupu Prompting
Umeretia Cheer, applaud
Ka pai koe Well done you
Me mahi pēnei Do it like this
Ano? Again?
Kātahi nā te pēpi mōhio, ko koe What a clever baby you are
E reretahi ana te karu me te ringa The eye and the hand are coordinated
Mā te whakaharatau e tika ai Practice makes perfect