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Sing a song with actions with baby

Why do it?

  • A song with actions and words is a rich learning and brain-building experience for baby, involving their eyes, ears and sense of touch.
  • Baby hears the word for the action and feels the body part when the action is happening and the body part is touched. This helps baby’s understanding of language.
  • A bath song can become a fun part of baby’s bath routine.

How to do it

  • See ‘Waiata kōhungahunga’ in Te Pihinga 1, 3–4 months, where there are a number of songs to share with young children.
  • Another option for a bath song is singing to the tune of ‘Here we go ’round the mulberry bush’:
    • This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face this is the way we wash our face on a lovely sunny morning.
  •  Add more verses for different parts of the body and different weather.

Using more reo Māori

Kei hea tō māhunga? Where is your head?
Kei hea ō pakihiwi? Where are your sholders?
Kei hea tō puku? Where is your tummy?
Kei hea ō waewae? Where are your legs?
He aha tēnei? What is this?
He ihu tēnei This is a nose
He waha tēnei This is a mouth
E hia ō karu? How many eyes do you have?
E rua ō karu, tahi, rua You have two eyes.  One, two
Katia ō karu Shut your eyes

An action song about body parts which uses the tune of 'One little, two little, three little Indians".  Point to each body part as you sing.

Māhunga (head)
Pakihiwi (shoulders)
Puku (tummy)
Hope (hips)
Waewae (repeat 3 times) (legs)
Taringa, whatu, ihu, waha e! (Ears, eyes, nose and mouth)