Learn how to say thank you in another language

Why do it?

  • It encourages language development.
  • Being able to listen is a very important skill that supports learning and strengthens relationships.
  • Listening games are a fun way to develop listening skills.
  • It shows the importance of saying thank you.
  • Helps them learn about the world they live in.

How to do it

You’ll need: Great manners and the desire to say “thanks” in different languages.

Try the word slowly, try it together, then see if you can say it on your own.

Language Word How to say it
Japanese Arigatou ardei-ga-toe
German Danke DAHN-keh
Samoan Fa’afetai Far-ah-FAY-tie
Spanish Gracias GRAH-see-iss
Māori Kia ora KEY-a-or-a
French Merci MER-see
Tongan Mālō Mah-loh Mālō Mah-loh
Fijian Vinaka Vin-AH-ca
Chinese Xiè xiè Shee shee

Using more te reo Māori

Kia ora Thank you
Mihi Greetings
Tikanga Custom
Kōrero To speak
Reo Language