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Why do it?

  • Baby will like gazing at faces and watching how your mouth moves while you talk.
  • Baby is learning to match sound and mouth shape.
  • Baby may try to copy your mouth and make a sound.
  • Baby can learn to take turns making sounds with you. This is the start of having a conversation.

How to do it

  • Make sure baby is fed, comfortable and ready for some social time before starting the activity.
  • Hold or place baby so their face and your face are about 30 cm apart.
  • Use ‘parentese’ when you talk to baby (speak more slowly, exaggerate your mouth and eye movements and speak in a higher pitch).
  • Pause and keep looking at baby, as though you are inviting them to reply.
  • Make another comment and wait for them to respond.
  • If baby makes a sound, try copying them.
  • Watch closely for any sign that baby needs a break.

Using more reo Māori

Kanohi ki te kanohi Face to face
Kōrero Talk
Waiata Sing
Whakarongo mai Listen
Tāruatia taku reo Copy my sounds
Titiro mai pēpi Look here baby
Ka menemene koe? Are you smiling?
Kei te kōrero koe ki a Pāpā? Are you talking to Daddy?
Aue, he aha tō mate? Oh dear, what’s wrong?
Kei te ngenge koe? Are you tired?
He ātaahua hoki koe You look beautiful
Kātahi nā te pēpi mōhio ko koe What a clever baby you are
Anei tō waha Here’s your mouth
Anei ō karu kakariki Here are your green eyes