Why do it?

  • Being able to listen is a very important skill that supports learning and strengthens relationships.
  • Listening games are a fun way to develop listening skills.
  • Games are fun especially with people you love and who love you.

How to do it

  • There are so many things to listen to in the world. Encourage your child to take notice of the sounds around them.
  • Listen to the bath water running into the bath, and use straws to make some noisy bubbles.
  • Go on a short 'whakarongo' walk. What different sounds did you hear?
  • Experiment with different containers with lids. Test what sounds are made when you put different objects inside and shake them. ‘What makes a quiet sound? What makes a loud sound? What makes a rattle?’
  • Play ‘I hear with my little ear something that sounds like’ … ‘quack’, ‘woof’ or ‘brrmm’. Make different sounds for them to identify.
  • Record some different sounds on your phone or recording device. Include familiar people talking and play it back to your child, asking them to guess who’s talking.