The legend of Rata and his waka is a great story to read and act out with a tamaiti.

This – the legend of Rata and his waka – may be a nice one to start reading or telling to a tamaiti at this age. It lends itself to lots of drama and actions.

Their tamaiti will enjoy this active story, but parents may need some extra encouragement to join in the fun.

For example:

  • Rata wanted to build a waka to help his people cross the seas.

Rowing actions and looking out to the horizon

  • Rata searched high and low in the .

Looking up and down and around

  • He found a tree and began to chop.

Chopping actions

  • He returned to his village, proud of his work.

Happy – tapping himself on chest

  • The creatures of the forest were not happy.

Chirping, clicking noises

  • Rata returns to the tree.

Looks up and up with surprise

Repeat all of the above three times.

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