Jumping and stepping support muscle strength and coordination. Use existing stones or steps, make them with card or draw them in chalk. Building confidence and problem-solving as they explore contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of tamariki.

Why do it?

  • Jumping activities help a child build confidence, improve coordination and strengthen large muscle skills.
  • It’s an opportunity to practise jumping and stepping and maybe even a little leaping.
  • The child can help design the path of steps. This lets them take the lead, promoting their problem-solving skills and self-expression.
  • Activities like this contribute to a child’s overall health and wellbeing.

How to do it

  • It’s best to play outside as stepping stones on indoor flooring can be too slippery.
  • A stepping stones path can easily be drawn on concrete using chalk.
  • Start by drawing oval shape steps which are big enough for two feet, which can be jumped in with one or two feet.
  • Your child can help decide where the path should go and when to have steps, leaps and jumps.
  • They can decorate the stepping stones with chalk.
  • Later you can extend the challenge by reducing the size of the stepping stones or increasing the distance between them so that a leap might be required.
  • Stones could be different shapes, for example a square, circle, triangle, heart and they can also vary in size.
  • Play this together, both trying the path. If possible, let the child be the leader. Only go first if you need to show them how to use it.