Turn a daily routine into a fun tiny adventure with your Tamariki.

Why do it?

  • Using large muscles helps to strengthen them.
  • Children’s confidence increases as more motor skills are learned.
  • Physical activity relieves stress, especially if the activity involves large muscles and big movements.

Counting is a chance for tamariki to:

  • get interested in counting things in their daily lives
  • start to remember the order of number words used in counting, through repetition
  • learn to count in the language of their whānau.

How to do it

Getting tired? Turn a daily routine into a fun tiny adventure!

You could have a jokey journey when you’re going to the supermarket, getting into the car, or nearly home from a big walk.


Take turns choosing fun actions to do along the way...


You might: Hop, hop, HOP five steps…

Then: Skip, skip, SKIP five steps…

Then: Kick, kick, KICK five steps…

Using more te reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
to choose