Make a new caterpillar friend for imaginative adventures.

Why do it?

  • Being able to cut with scissors is a useful skill.
  • It requires co-ordination, strength in the fine muscles in their hands, and lots of practice.
  • Any pretend play encourages a young child’s imagination and creativity.
  • be creative
egg carton bee and egg carton spider
egg carton bee and egg carton spider

How to do it

You’ll need: An empty egg carton, paints or felt pens , things to stick on (optional)

  1. Turn your egg-carton upside-down and cut off the top and edge flap.
  2. Cut from one end to the other, to make two long caterpillar bodies.
  3. Paint and decorate your caterpillar, adding eyes and a smile.

Extra: Give your new friend a name and glue on wool for hair, or give him sticky up pipe-cleaner antennae.

Egg carton caterpillar #TinyAdventures (transcript)

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