Weather can restrict outdoor play, but tamariki still need to put their energy into growing and moving. Being prepared with physically challenging indoor play ideas will support gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creative problem-solving.

Why do it?

  • Have some active play when the weather restricts play outdoors.
  • Tamariki will use their large muscles and develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • Enjoy fun activities using everyday materials.

How to do it

  • Hang a balloon from a string in a doorway or archway and play swing ball using your hands. 
  • Introduce bats such as empty cling wrap rolls or rolled and taped newspaper – have some rules about not using bats to hurt each other. 
  • Play balloon hockey in a hallway. 
  • Make a safe indoor ball using scrunched up newspaper wrapped around with a bit of tape. 
  • Aim the newspaper ball at a target – into a basket or box. 
  • Set up some ‘skittles’ made from empty plastic bottles, small boxes or empty containers like yoghurt cups. Use the paper ball or a ball made from a pair of socks rolled up to knock them down. 
  • Turn on some music and enjoy some exercises – star jumps, hopping around the furniture, jumping with both feet off the ground, squats and running on the spot to the count of ten. 
  • Have a dance off – introduce a ‘move’ for them to copy and then ask them for their move. Create a movement pattern – ‘kick to the right, kick to the left, spin around and clap!’

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Slow down
Nōu te wā Your turn
Nōku te wā My turn
ki te matau to the right
ki te māui to the left