We can find many things, like lids to play and learn with in our homes.

Why do it?

  • Posting items through a slot develops children’s hand–eye co-ordination.
  • It also encourages problem solving — in this activity, the lid will only fit through the slot at a certain angle.
  • Success with using the tongs gives children a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment, and that builds confidence.
  • It strengthens hand-eye co-ordination as the child needs to carefully watch what’s being picked up and where it’s being put.
  • Using scissors is an opportunity to increase a child’s awareness of the need to use cutting tools carefully and safely.
Using a milk bottle top to play Snake and Ladders
Using a milk bottle top to play Snake and Ladders

How to do it

You’ll need: Lots of milk bottle tops , an ice-cream container, a bowl and tongs or a little picture/photo.

  • Little ones – play posty: Cut a hole in an ice-cream lid then “post” your milk bottle tops through it. The smaller the space the harder it will be!
  • Kindy kids – play nip-nip crabs: Put your milk bottle tops in a bowl then use kitchen tongs to “nip” them out one by one. Time yourself!
  • Big kids – make a game piece: Use a milk bottle top to draw a circle on a picture or photo. Cut it out and glue it into your bottle top. Yay – no more forgetting which piece is yours!

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