Bottle caps, ice cream containers, bowls, and tongs are all simple items from around the whare, but these all create fun learning activities for tamariki. You can use them to improve eye-hand coordination.

Why do it?

  • Posting items through a slot develops children’s hand–eye coordination.
  • It also encourages problem solving — in this activity, the lid will only fit through the slot at a certain angle.
  • Success with using the tongs gives children a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment, and that builds confidence.
  • It strengthens hand-eye coordination as the child needs to carefully watch what’s being picked up and where it’s being put.
  • Using scissors is an opportunity to increase a child’s awareness of the need to use cutting tools carefully and safely.
Using a milk bottle top to play Snake and Ladders
Using a milk bottle top to play Snake and Ladders

How to do it

You’ll need: Lots of milk bottle tops , an ice-cream container, a bowl and tongs or a little picture/photo.

  • Little ones – play posty: Cut a hole in an ice-cream lid then “post” your milk bottle tops through it. The smaller the space the harder it will be!
  • Kindy kids – play nip-nip crabs: Put your milk bottle tops in a bowl then use kitchen tongs to “nip” them out one by one. Time yourself!
  • Big kids – make a game piece: Use a milk bottle top to draw a circle on a picture or photo. Cut it out and glue it into your bottle top. Yay – no more forgetting which piece is yours!

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