Exploring together supports whānau relationships. Make a list and hunt for the ‘treasure’ – this supports communication and vocabulary, maths and science concepts (size, shape, measurement, plant growth, animals) and creative problem-solving.

Why do it?

  • Enjoy the anticipation of searching and finding ‘treasure’.
  • Use both their problem solving and motor skills in one activity.
  • Enrich their language through describing and comparing items in their collection.
  • Observe and talk about maths ideas like same, different, more, less, small, big, longer and shorter.
flowers and a piece of paper with drawings of the sun, a tree, and a bee
flowers and a piece of paper with drawings of the sun, a tree, and a bee

How to do it


Me whai koe i: me ō kare ā-rongo katoa!

You will need: all of your senses!

  1. Haere ki waho ka mahi i tētahi, i ētahi rānei o ngā mahi e rārangi ana i raro!
    Head outside and do one of the lists, some of the lists or all the lists!
  2. Rapua he mea pīataata, mea nui, mea huruhuru!Find something bright, something big, something fluffy!
  3. Rapua he mea iti, he mea hāwareware, he mea kāre anō koe kia kite!
    Find something small, something slimy, something you’ve never seen before!
  4. Rapua he mea kāre e taea te raweke, he mea ārani, he rawe tōna kakara!
    Find something you can’t touch, something orange, something that smells nice!
  5. Rapua he mea pirau, he mea waiporoporo, he mea ka taea tō tākaro!
    Find something rotting, something purple, something you can play with!

He mahi anō: Haere ki te hīkoi i te ata, ahiahi pō rānei, ka tiro ki ngā tae o te ata, ki ngā tae o te ahiahi hoki.

Extra: Go for a walk at dawn or daybreak and notice as the colours change around you.

Using more te reo Māori

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