Playing chasing games together is an easy way to keep your tamariki active while also strengthening your relationships with them through shared enjoyment.

Why do it?

  • Chasing provides practice for children’s active movement and co-ordination skills such as crawling, walking, running, balancing, turning and stopping.
  • Chasing games can be enjoyed with crawlers or walkers.
  • Children learn about taking turns as they switch between chasing and being chased.
  • Chasing games also build relationships through shared enjoyment and fun.

How to do it

  • You may need to do some playful modelling to help a child understand the chase-and-catch idea.
  • If a child is still crawling, it will be more fun if you crawl in this game, too.
  • Use and repeat verbal cues like ‘Come and get me’ or ‘I’m going to get you!’
  • Add to the fun by pretending you’re trying really hard to get away — hide around a corner or behind a chair and add in some excited sound effects.
  • Let them get away a few times and then make a big deal when you do catch them, with a tickle or a ‘Gotcha now!’ cuddle.

Using more te reo Māori

Haere mai Come here
Whai Chase
Ngōki Crawl
Hikoi Walk
Oma Run
E huri Turn around
Tauhunahuna Play hide and seek
Kia tūpato Be careful
Aru Follow/chase
Āta haere Go slow
Kia tere Be quick
Aru mai i ahau Follow me
Kei te haere koe hi hea? Where are you going?
Ka aru ahau i a koe I'm going to chase you
Ka nui tēnā, e te tau That's enough, my darling