Balancing daily activities using Tākai resources

Tākai resources you can use with whānau to explore how planning the day helps create a sense of security.

Planning the day can help give parents and their child a sense of security and wellbeing. Knowing what’s coming next also helps everyone feel prepared.

Tākai resources

In 'Ngā tohu whānau' on page 15 of Te Pihinga 3, the 'structured and secure world’ section reminds us to ‘balance daily activities so there’s a mixture of quiet and active times.’

Here are some other helpful places in Te Pihinga 3 to explore with whānau:

  • Page 6 – ‘Pēpi says: I am moving freely, maybe crawling, pulling myself to stand, walking by holding onto things – furniture and people. Or I might be walking without any help.'
  • Page 9 – ‘Whānau say: We make sure there are sturdy and safe surfaces for pēpi to use to pull themself up to stand, and we help them walk or ‘cruise’ along them.'
  • Page 8 – ‘Whānau say: Pēpi likes to practise new motor skills over and over again.'
  • Page 24 – ‘Whānau say: We know that playing and lots of love are exactly what baby’s brain and need.'
  • Page 24 – ‘Whānau say: We try to make playing together a regular part of every day.'

In the Tākai booklet Thinking about Parenting on page 8, we’re also reminded that planning the day ahead can help avoid problems before they start: ‘Balance the day so kids get a mixture of activity, rest, time with others, time alone, and some time with you.’

Conversation ideas

How does this match with what’s going on in your whānau at the moment?
What changes have you noticed in your toddler’s behaviour?
Why do you think that’s happening?
How has this affected things for your whānau?
Can you tell me about the things you feel happy about with your toddler?
How about the challenges?
What would help you to balance the days better?
What else would you like to talk about?
What more would you like to find out about?

Helpful resources for whānau