Why do it?

  • At this age, baby is interested in details such as texture, and can explore a fabric ‘texture book’ safely.
  • A book made of different fabrics is easy to make.
  • Whānau can also use the texture book in the Exploring textures play idea.

How to do it

  • Cut between 6 and 8 fabric pieces, about 15 cm square. Use a range of fabric types such as satin, wool, fake fur, lace and so on.
  • Sew or staple them together firmly, to make a book.
  • If you use staples, cover the backs of the staples so there are no sharp points that could poke baby (for example, use strong tape that baby can’t pull off).
  • If you’re keen to get more creative things can be added by securely sewing different coloured or shaped patches or buttons to the pages.
  • Be sure to sew carefully and strongly so there’s no danger of baby pulling or chewing anything off the material that could be a choking hazard (like a button).

Using more te reo Māori

Pukapuka Book
Arohia Paying attention to, interested in
Papanga Material, fabric
Tapanga Naming, label
Whakahahakitia Point out, draw attention to
Tairongo Sense
Rongo whakapā Sense of touch
Kakano Texture
Newanewa Soft to touch
Maene, mākohakoha Smooth
Perehunga Fluffy
Pāhura Hairy
Mātoretore, kaitara Rough, course
Māngūngungu Be gritty
Huruhuru Fur, feather
Wūru Wool
Hiraka Silky
Pīataata Shiny, bright
Kakona Poke
Ngā āhuahanga Shapes
Porowhita Circle
Tapawhā Square
Porotītaha Oval
Tapatoru Triangle
Tuituia To sew
Ngā pātene Buttons
Kia tūpato Be careful
Rāoa To choke
He aha tēnei? What's this?
He maene tēnei papanga This material is smooth
Kei te rongo ahau tētahi mea newanewa I can feel something soft
Homai tō ringaringa Give me your hand
Me pēhea te pā? How does it feel?