A book with flaps to lift is another fun way for baby to explore hiding and finding with whānau.

Why do it?

  • It provides easy ways to repeat experiences, which will strengthen the brain pathways for hiding and finding (‘object permanence’) and for language.
  • Sharing hiding and finding fun with whānau strengthens the relationship between baby and their caregivers and baby and books.

How to do it

  • Sit with baby on your knee and hold the flap book where you both can see it.
  • Baby may be interested in turning the pages, and may want to go backwards and forwards in the book.
  • Try saying ‘Turn the page’ as they do this.
  • It’s important for baby to enjoy sharing books, so avoid struggling with baby over the ‘right’ page.
  • Just read the page that baby chooses and explore the flap on that page.
Pukapuka Book
E noho Sit down
Comfortable, cosy
Haramai, e te tau Come here, my darling
Pārekareka Enjoyable, engaging
Tuaruatanga Repeat occurrence, repetition
Kimi(hia) Look for, search
Rapu(hia) Hunt, investigate
Kite(a) Find, discover
Ngaro Hidden, out of sight
Kōmuri Backwards
Panekea Move forward
Hurihia te whārangi Turn the page
He aha kei raro nei? What's this under here?
Kei whea te....? Where is the .....?
Kei konei Here it is
Anei Here
He aha ēnei? What are these?
He aha tēnei kararehe? What is this animal?