Why do it?

  • Sock games make for a fun, simple, everyday learning activity when sorting and folding the washing.
  • They provide an opportunity for a matching activity (find the sock pair or are their two red socks?).
  • Socks are soft and light, and are good for practising throwing and catching which also involves practice at taking turns.
  • ‘Sock balls’ can also be aimed and thrown into the laundry basket, which helps gross (big muscle) motor skills.

How to do it

  • See if a toddler can help find the matching sock. — ask, ‘Where is Dad’s other sock?’
  • Make the pair into a sock ball.
  • See if your toddler is interested in catching, throwing or rolling the sock ball.
  • Play with each other back and forth, or have a target to aim for, like the laundry basket.
  • Repeat the game with other pairs of socks.
  • Turn a sock into a hand puppet by adding eyes or nose with a pen or stickers.

Using more te reo Māori

Tōkena Sock
Paoro/pōro Ball
Ōrite Matching
Kei whea tērā atu tōkena o papa? Where is Dad's other sock?
He rite tonu te tae o ēnei tōkena These socks are the same colour
Taurite To be alike, matching
He rerekē ēnei tōkena These socks are different
Mahia he paoro Make a ball
Whiua te paoro Throw the ball
Takahuri te pōro Roll the ball
Whiua te pōro ki roto i te kete Throw into the basket
Whiua te pōro ki a Pāpā Throw the ball to Dad
Kete kākahu Clothes basket
Homai te pōro e te tau Give me the ball my darling
Anō Do it again
Nōku te wā My turn
Nōu te wā Your turn
Kei hea te pōro? Where is the ball?
Kei raro i te tepu Under the table
Kei muri i te tūru Behind the chair
Keretao tōkena Sock puppet
Ngā karu Eyes
He ihu A nose
Kino kē koe e te tau! You're awesome my darling!