Rhythm and rhymes are great for tamariki. They promote language development and help build memory and confidence. Making musical instruments, such as a shaker, is a great activity to do with your tamariki.

Why do it?

  • Waiata and rhymes aregreat for building a child’s memory and confidence.
  • Experiences with rhythm and rhyme help promote language development.
  • It’s easy to make with your tamaiti using everyday materials.
  • Being able to cut with scissors is a useful skill.
  • It requires coordination, strength in the fine muscles in their hands, and lots of practice.
a shaker and a shaker being made
a shaker and a shaker being made

How to do it

You’ll need: An empty plastic bottle, two yoghurt pottles or a paper towel roll, some noisy fillings (such as stones, rice, dried beans or macaroni) and some decorations (stickers, paints etc)

  • Easy shakers: Find an empty plastic bottle or container, half fill it with noisy fillings, then add the cap/lid and shake, shake shake!
  • Yogi shakers: Wash then decorate two empty yoghurt pottles, then fill one with noisy fillings, before taping the pottles together, top-to-top.
  • Skinny shakers: Decorate an empty paper towel roll, then tape a piece of paper over one end. Half fill the roll with a noisy filling, then tape paper over the other end too.

 Extra fun: Can you shake and sing?  Try play little big band.

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