Make a kick-toy using items from around the house.

Why do it?

  • The kick-toy is another kind of cause-and-effect activity, where baby uses their legs to kick and make a noise.
  • The activity will strengthen the muscles in their legs.
  • Baby will repeat the activity to make the noise again (and again!).

How to do it

You’ll need: Elastic, safety pins, pillowcase, scrunched up paper and furniture legs for tying the kick-toy to.

  • Pin the pieces of the elastic to each end of the pillowcase.
  • Stuff the pillowcase with noisy paper.
  • Use the elastic to tie the kick-toy between two chair legs, so baby can reach it with their feet.
  • Parents can show delight when baby kicks and makes the noise.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Ngā mahi ā pēpi Play for baby
Wā tākaro Playtime
Lie down
Titiro mai Look here
He aha tēnei? What is this?
He pōro A ball
Whana i ō waewae Kick your legs
Haere mai Come here
Haere atu Go away
E tū Stand up
Wetekina ō hū Take off your shoes
Tangohia ō tokena Take off your socks
Kei te aha koe? What are you doing?
Kei te whana waewae koe? Are you kicking your legs?
Kia tūpato Be careful
Good, well done