Make a kick-toy using items from around the house.

Why do it?

  • The kick-toy is another kind of cause-and-effect activity, where baby uses their legs to kick and make a noise.
  • The activity will strengthen the muscles in their legs.
  • Baby will repeat the activity to make the noise again (and again!).

How to do it

You’ll need: Elastic, safety pins, pillowcase, scrunched up paper and furniture legs for tying the kick-toy to.

  • Pin the pieces of the elastic to each end of the pillowcase.
  • Stuff the pillowcase with noisy paper.
  • Use the elastic to tie the kick-toy between two chair legs, so baby can reach it with their feet.
  • Parents can show delight when baby kicks and makes the noise.

Using more reo Māori

Ngā mahi a pēpi Play for baby
Wā tākaro Playtime
Takoto Lie down
Titiro mai Look over here
He aha tēnei? What’s this?
He pōro A ball
Whana Kick
Whanaia ō waewae Kick your legs
Haere mai Come here
Haere atu Go away
E tū Stand up
Wetekina ō hū Take off your shoes
Unuhia ō tokena Take off your socks
Kei te aha koe? What are you doing?
Kei te whana waewae koe? Are you kicking your legs?
Kia tūpato Be careful
Ka pai Good, well done
Ka mau te wehi That’s amazing