A fun way to teach baby about object permanence.

Why do it?

  • Experiences with hiding and finding things help baby to develop and strengthen their understanding of ‘object permanence’.
  • Activities with whānau strengthen their relationship with baby and help build baby’s language.

How to do it

You’ll need:

  • objects to hide — start with baby’s favourite toy
  • covers for hiding things under, such as containers (both transparent and opaque), and a cloth or small blanket.

 Some tricks:

  • Let baby watch as you hide their soft toy under the cover. Ask baby, ‘Where’s Teddy?’ If necessary, partly reveal Teddy and ask again.
  • Encourage baby to move the covering to find Teddy and show your excitement when they do.
  • Try hiding Teddy in other places and ask the question again.
  • Repeat the game with a different objects.
Ngā taonga tākaro, ngā takawairore Toys or playthings
Piringa Shelter, hiding place
Uhi Covering
Pūataata Transparent, clear
Paepae Container
Mātaki Watch, observe
Kimi(hia) Look for, search
Rapu(hia) Hunt, investigate
Kite(a) Find, discover
Huna(ia) Hide
Teti pea Teddy bear
Kei hea a Teti? Where's Teddy?
Pōro, paoro Ball
Kei hea te paoro? Where's the ball?
Pukapuka Book
Kei hea ngā pukapuka? Where are the books?
Kino kē koe, e te tau! You're awesome my darling!
Kātahi nā te tama mōhio, ko koe What a clever boy you are
He aha kei raro i te pouaka? What's under the box?
He hū tēnei This is a shoe