Lanu Tea is White

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A E I O (A E I O) A E I O U

Lanu tea is white, lanu kula is red, lanu lau futi is green
Lanu fuahoi is our purple A E I O U
Lanu ago is yellow, lanu moana is blue, lanu kāki is brown
Lanu fuamoli is our orange A E I O U
Vela is hot, momoko is cold, mafana is warm
Uha is rain, pala is wet A E I O U

Taha is one, ua is two, tolu is number three
Fa is four, lima is five, taha, ua, tolu, fa, lima
Ono is six, fitu is seven, valu is number eight
Hiva is nine, hogofulu is ten, ono, fitu, valu, hiva, hogofulu

A E I O (A E I O) A E I O U

Lanu Tea is White (Niuean) (transcript)

Song courtesy of Loopy Tunes Preschool Music Pasifika Beatz(external link), created in collaboration with Whānau Āwhina Plunket and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples.